Bridgeport, W.Va. – Allegheny Science & Technology (AST), a leading woman-owned technology and energy solutions firm, is pleased to announce its selection as a prime contractor for the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) ITSSS-2 (Information Technology Supplies and Support Services) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). This contract, with an anticipated ceiling between $5 and $8 billion, is designed to support the FBI’s other components of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The ITSSS-2 BPA encompasses a wide range of IT services, including Workplace Solutions, Business Application Solutions, Delivery Solutions, Platform Solutions, Infrastructure Solutions, and Emerging Technologies. This comprehensive agreement will enable the FBI and DOJ to leverage industry expertise to enhance their IT infrastructure and capabilities.

“This contract presents a fantastic opportunity to highlight our outstanding team by leveraging our expertise to support the FBI,” said AST CEO Arria Hines. “We aim to enhance government operations by utilizing our business and program management skills, enabling the FBI to carry out their mission more efficiently and effectively.”

As the Prime awardee, AST assembled a high-performing team of subcontractors tailored to the specific demands of the FBI ITSSS-2 requirements. They include CGI Federal, Advanced Technologies and Laboratories International, All Native Synergies Company, Cayuse Technologies, INflow Federal, and TMC Technologies. AST’s selection as a prime contractor is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and exceptional capabilities of the AST team.

“This achievement reflects the hard work and dedication of our team,” said Bill Hunt, Senior Vice President at AST. “It opens new avenues for us to demonstrate our expertise and make a significant impact on critical government operations.”

“Having previously supported the FBI from Q4 of FY2011 to Q1 of FY2018, securing this contract marks a major milestone for AST,” said Steve Mapp, Business Development – Sr. Account Manager at AST. “We are excited for the opportunity to bring our experience and advanced technology solutions back to the Bureau and look forward to continuing our partnership and providing the expertise and innovation needed to support the FBI’s critical mission.”

Allegheny Science & Technology looks forward to working with the FBI and DOJ to deliver cutting-edge IT solutions and support services, furthering its mission to provide innovative and effective technology solutions for government operations.

For additional details on the ITSSS-2 BPA, visit here.

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