October is Energy Awareness Month! To celebrate, we have interviewed some of our Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and consultants to find out how they use their skills and expertise to #EMPOWER the energy sector at AST.

Today, we recognize Nay Chehab-Zalaket, Program Analyst at AST!  Nay has always been passionate about the energy sector, specifically with electric vehicles. Nay previously worked for AST, then moved to Dallas, TX and found a job in the construction arena. Although she gained an immense amount of experience in another industry, she knew something was missing and rejoined AST in 2020 to pursue her true passion in renewable energy and electric vehicles.

Currently, Nay works within the Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO) at the Department of Energy (DOE) as a consultant for AST. She supports the Clean Cities Program as well as general VTO communications. An important aspect of Nay’s job is to translate technical research funded by VTO into documents for the public and policymakers which ultimately helps provide awareness about the programs. Nay also has a background in video editing and social media content creation which allows her to target mass audiences and showcase her findings to a broader group.

There is a lot of momentum with electric vehicles and the work the National Labs are producing. “The attention electric vehicles are now having in general, around the country and the world, is building awareness, and people are realizing electric vehicles are viable. With the work that we do to support the Department of Energy, I feel we can push the needle over until there’s even more mass adoption for electric vehicles and alternative fuels for heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks”, said Nay. “Ultimately, the National Labs are doing some innovative things. There are a lot of brilliant people doing great work helping to make the earth a better place to live. I am fortunate to share their story and showcase the great work they are doing!”

When asked how AST has #empowered her, Nay said she can work in a field that she cares about. During her tenure at the construction industry, she did not the feel the passion or excitement that she does for the energy sector; however, if you want to discuss batteries and what’s inside a lithium-ion battery, she will go hours discussing it!

AST is not only #empowering our customers, but our employees as well. At AST, we believe our diverse perspectives are our most valuable resource.

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